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  3. Friday, 12 August 2016
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I am thinking of getting the MASCHINE STUDIO from native instruments but I have read it is being locked into them for instruments and effects if you have this.

Should I get this or a controller that is not by a maker of instruments and effects? They look very good quality and the sounds seem good but what do you think? Am I going down the wrong path here?
BeatMax Accepted Answer
If you are using NI controllers like the MASCHINE or KOMPLETE KONTROL you will become locked into the NI suite of software very quickly just because they work so well together and are so good there is no need to use anything else.

You are asking if you are going down the wrong path so I will say to you no you are not because you are going down the correct path if you are happy with what you get from the NI instruments and effects. You can not go wrong with the NI KOMPLETE that comes with the controllers and there is an option to upgrade to the full KOMPLETE if you ever need to.

I do not see a "lock" at all. You can use other plugins in your work but the NI controllers interact with the NI software smoothly. One could even say being locked into NI is better if you want to get in and make music without messing around with control surface settings in your DAW because it is all done for you.

I hope you make a decision soon. I would like to know what you decided.

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